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Sports and Sports Figures

Alan Greenspan and Stevens play tennis (ca. 2000). Greenspan was Chairman of the Federal Reserve.
Senator Stevens golfing in South Carolina (1972).
Olympic medalists with President Ford & Senators (1976). Winter Olympic medalists – (left to right) Millins, O’Connor, Mueller, Poulos, Young, Koch in the first row behind President Ford (White House photo).
Cal Ripken Jr. (2003). Photo by Robert L. Knudsen Photography Inc. (2003).
Senator Stevens greets dog team in Anchorage (1978). Likely a Fur Rondy team. (McCutcheon photo).
Bill Koch (1976). Olympic medalist in crosscountry skiing.
Olympic gymnasts medalists, Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci, with Ted Stevens(1998).
Senator Stevens dog mushing in Nenana, AK (undated).
Ted Stevens with tennis champion Monica Seles (2000).
Olympic speedskating medalist Bonnie Blair, Ted Stevens (1999).
Senator Stevens waterskiing (1970).
Alaskans bowlers at championship (1969).
Senator Stevens curling (1972).
Tae Kwon Do (1974). Senator Stevens and Senator Burdick. participate in a “Grudge bout“ fundraiser for the legal defense fund of the Freedom of Press Foundation. They had trained with Jhoon Rhee.