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New Senator Ted Stevens Gallery Installation! (Dec 2012)

University of Alaska Fairbanks graduate student Susannah Dowds curated Recognition, Honors and Gratitude for a Senator: An “Award-Winning” Exhibit

International Relations. Setup of the International Relations awards and plaques.
Military and International Relations. Left cabinet holds Military in Alaska items, right cabinet holds International Relations awards.
Closer look at Communications related awards.
Communications Award Display.
Science & Development.
Alaska – around the State.
Alaska and Science related awards. “Alaska – around the State“ is featured in the cabinet on the left. “Science & Development“ cabinet is on the right.
An Award winning exhibit! National and Professional awards from the Ted Stevens Collection.
Exhibit-building. Creating mounts for exhibit items.
Preparing for the exhibit. Susannah Dowds applies magnetic paint to create an interactive part of the exhibit.