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Get out and Play!

Ted Stevens Day is the 4th Saturday of July annually. Follow the Senator’s advice and example and enjoy the outdoors wherever you are.

Jogging in DC (1979) - The Senator jogging with unidentified people. (photo by Terry Arthur).
Shape Up Alaska! (1983). T-shirt reads “Shape Up Alaska! Fitness for the health of it.
Fly fishing! (1985). (The photo was either taken in 1985 or scanned in 1985.)
Participating in Inupiat dance (1996). Likely in Kotzebue or a NANA region village.
Gates of the Arctic National Park (1987). Senator Stevens and North Slope Borough constituents visit Gates of the Arctic National Park.
Tae Kwon Do (1974). Senator Stevens and Senator Burdick. participate in a “Grudge bout“ fundraiser for the legal defense fund of the Freedom of Press Foundation. They had trained with Jhoon Rhee.
Fishing trip (2006). At Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.
They caught big ones! Stevens and former UA Board Regent Carl Marrs enjoyed fishing! (no date given).
At the UAF Musk ox farm (1972). Now known as the Large Animal Research Station -LARS. The general public is not allowed this close to the musk ox anymore.(photo given to Stevens by Helen Atkinson).
Curling (1972). With Member of Parliament -Canadian Paul Yewchuk and Joyce Renton from the Office of the Speaker of the Senate.
Golfing in South Carolina. (1972). At the Port Royal Plantation Golf Club.
Tennis with George Reycraft. (1987). Stevens was an avid tennis player.
The Great Tanana River Raft race. (1970). Campaign raft with unidentified supporters.
Along the Kuskokwim River (1993). With unidentified constituents, most likely in the Kuskokwim River area.
Dogmushing in Nenana. Sled passenger is Judy Tolbert. (no date given).