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Historical Events

Stevens 1940s. Senator Stevens served with honor in WWII as a pilot. (ca 1944).
Stevens and WWII (1940s). Stevens and unidentified person, WWII, ca 1944, China. Stevens served as a pilot in the China-Burma-India theater.
WWII and Stevens (1940s). Stevens and others during WWII, in the China-Burma-India theater. (ca 1944).
Stevens, WWII (1940s). ca 1944, in the China-Burma-India theater.
1964 earthquake damage in Anchorage, AK. (Photo by R. Baumgartner).
Debris on beach, Seward, AK, 1964. Earthquake aftermath photos by R. Baumgartner.
Utility poles, Seward, AK, 1964. Utility poles, or scrap lumber on railroad tracks. (Photo by R. Baumgartner).
Collapsed bridge, 1964 earthquake, Seward, AK. (Photo by R. Baumgartner).
Railroad damage, 1964 earthquake, Seward, AK. (Photo by R. Baumgartner).
After the Good Friday earthquake, 1964, Seward, AK. (Photo by R. Baumgartner).
1964 EarthQuake Seward, Alaska. March, 1964. Seward was one of several coastal communities to suffer great damage. (Photo by R. Baumgartner).