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Can You Identify?

Please help us identify the people in the photos with Senator Stevens. Email ‘‘ with:

1) Your Name;
2) Names of people in photo (left -> right – list “unknown” for those you do not know.)
3) What is your connection to the people in the photo? How do you know them?

Thank you for your help! (If you are in a photo and do not want your name published online, I will add the names to our records and you will remain anonymous online.)

Tlingit Haida dance group (1976)

Row 1 -seated, L-R: Henry Anderson, ?, ?, ?Irene Jacobs Van Horne?, ?
row 2 - standing: Ed Kunz, ?, Carol Aceveda, Frances Smith, ?, Rosita Worl, far right is Senator Stevens
row 3: Walter Soboleff, Phil Smith, Ceclia Kunz, ?, ?, Ray Brown, ?

Students folding flag (1971)

Senator Stevens often met with students. This photo might have been taken in Anchorage, only the 2nd person from the right has been identified, Sherry Titus.

Anaktuvuk Pass students (1987)

Front row, L-R: Rika Gordon, James Paneak, Andrea Hugo Morry, unknown, ?Cora Morry?, unknown, Anna Nageak;
Middle (everyone except back row): 3 unknown, Kathy Morry, Senator Stevens, George Ahmaogak,Susan Mekiana Morry, Willie Hensley, Al Adams, 2 unknown;
Back row, Benji Hugo, Bruce Waldo, Fred Gordon, Winnie ___?, Caroline ___?, Debbie Mekiana, John Ahgook, unknown.

At meeting with a child (1987)

At a meeting with northwest and North Slope Alaska Native leaders, likely in Anaktuvuk Pass. Al Adams in background.

Nome PE class (no date)

Mrs. Sylvia Reynolds' physical education class, she received the ``Senator's Cup`` award. Front row, left to right: Senator Stevens, Josie Coppock, Jackie Nanouk, Charlie Taxac, ?, Neva Davis, Kim Gooden, ?, Dwayne Rodin, Mrs. Sylvia Reynolds. Back row: Homer Nunooruk, unidentified until 7th person -Erick Aulabaugh.

Metlakatla group (1978)

Metlakatla group discussing Tongass hatchery issues with Senator Stevens. (From left: Jack Booth?, 3rd -Casey Nelson, 6th Solomon Guthrie, 8th -Sol Atkinson?, Stevens. Also listed but not in order: Richard Shearer, Gordon Thompson, Boyd Lyons and Bobo Dean.)

Airplane travel to Bethel (1981 Dec.)

Bethel area (1981 Dec.)

tevens visits the Bethel area, December 1981. If you know the person or the place, let us know!

Boys Nation participants (1969)

Denali Borough Close Up students, 2003

6 people with Senator Stevens.

Klawock High School students in Close Up Program, 2003.

9 people, plus Senator Stevens. (If you are in the photo and do not wish to have your name listed online, I will add the name to our records and you will remain anonymous online.)