The Ted Stevens Foundation

Throughout his 40 years serving Alaska in the United States Senate, Senator Stevens remained committed to its people and the possibilities of this great state. His career was defined by the notion that our state’s greatest days lay ahead, and that the actions we take and the policies we enact should serve to move us forward. To that end, Senator Stevens worked tirelessly in finding creative solutions and proposing initiatives to ensure a stable and vibrant Alaska for generations to come.

In every corner of our state, we bear witness to his achievements – from infrastructure development to transportation, to fisheries and health clinics and education. One of his most lasting legacies was in ensuring Alaskans had the opportunity to succeed and thrive.

Established in 2001, the mission of the Ted Stevens Foundation is to recognize Senator Ted Stevens’ career and honor his legacy of public service by working to ensure a stable and vibrant Alaska for future generations.


Ted Stevens – Champion for Alaska and the Nation