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Senator Ted Stevens speaks at a luncheon in Washington D.C. honoring the Theolonius Monk Institute of Jazz on September 15, 2006.

Ted Stevens Foundation Images

Images of Ted Stevens from the Ted Stevens Foundation Collection.

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Former staffers hold a party in Anchorage For Ted Stevens 60th Birthday. (Photo by McCutcheon)

Birthday Celebrations Gallery

Senator Stevens and his birthday celebrations throughout the years. Check out the Birthday Celebrations Gallery.

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Flying to Rural Alaska 1972. A visit to rural Alaska. L-R: Senator Stevens, possibly pilot Jim Magoffin, Rose Blakely, Shirley Woodruff, Ann Stevens.

Campaign Gallery

Various campaigns, Stevens’ and others. Check out the Campaign Image Gallery.

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Olympic medalists with President Ford & Senators (1976). Winter Olympic medalists – (left to right) Millins, O’Connor, Mueller, Poulos, Young, Koch in the first row behind President Ford (White House photo).

Can You Identify?

Please help us identify the people in the photos with Senator Stevens. Email ‘‘’ with 1) your name; 2) names of people in photo (left -> right – list “unknown“ for those you do not know.) 3) What is your connection to the people in the photo? How do you know them?

Thank you for your help! (If you are in a photo and do not want your name published online, I will add the names to our records and you will remain anonymous online.)

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Indian Education hearing in Fairbanks (1969). Senate Subcommittee on Indian Education holds hearings in Fairbanks, including Ted Kennedy, Fritz Mondale, and Howard Pollock and Stevens. (Photo by McCutcheon).

Education Gallery

Check more pictures in the Education Image Gallery.

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Fly fishing! (1985). (The photo was either taken in 1985 or scanned in 1985.)

Get Out and Play Gallery

Ted Stevens Day is the 4th Saturday of July annually. Follow the Senator’s advice and example and enjoy the outdoors wherever you are.

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WWII and Stevens (1940s). Stevens and others during WWII, in the China-Burma-India theater. (ca 1944).

Historical Events Gallery

Check out the Historical Events Image Gallery.

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Archivists in warehouse at work on Stevens Papers Collection - 2011.

Inside the Archives Gallery

Check out the “Inside the Archives“ Image Gallery.

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Mapping Alaska exhibit in the Senator Ted Stevens Gallery. Welcome to Paradise exhibit case. (November 2013).

Mapping Alaska Gallery

Check out the “Mapping Alaska“ Image Gallery.

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Science & Development.

New Senator Ted Stevens Gallery Installation

New Senator Ted Stevens Gallery installation! (Dec. 2012)

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Ann Stevens and Whalers (1978). Likely in Barrow, AK; preparing the umiak for the hunt.

Photo of the Month Gallery

Check out the Photo of the Month Image Gallery.

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Senator Ted Stevens Gallery (2011)

Check out the Senator Ted Stevens 2011 Image Gallery.

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French President Jacques Chirac and Senator Stevens (2005). (photo by D. Noizet, Presidence de la Republique Francaise, Serivce Photographique, 2005-06-13)

Senator Stevens and VIPs Gallery

Check out the Senator Stevens and VIPs Image Gallery.

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Senator Stevens greets dog team in Anchorage (1978). Likely a Fur Rondy team. (McCutcheon photo).

Senator Stevens and Sports Figures Gallery

Check out the Sports and Sports Figures Image Gallery.

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Guests enjoy reception honoring Ted Stevens Day 2012 (photo by Suzanne Bishop).

Ted Stevens Day 2012 Gallery

Check out the Ted Stevens Day 2012 Image Gallery.

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Arctic and Antarctic sea ice (1992). NASA published a book comparing polar ice differences year to year during 1978 – 1987. This book is part of the Senator’s collection.

The Arctic Gallery

Check out the Arctic Image Gallery.

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U.S. Senate Historical Office Collection.

US Senate Historical Office Collection

Images from the US Senate Historical Office Collection.

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Lisa Murkowski at a 1983 Stevens intern reunion. Senator Lisa Murkowski is a former intern of Senator Ted Stevens and considered him a mentor.

Women and Civic Involvement Gallery

Women have helped, on many levels, to shape politics by campaigning for others or becoming a congresspersons.

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