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Various campaigns, Stevens’ and others.

Flying to Rural Alaska 1972. A visit to rural Alaska. L-R: Senator Stevens, possibly pilot Jim Magoffin, Rose Blakely, Shirley Woodruff, Ann Stevens.
Ketchikan 1996.
Campaigning in Ketchikan 1996.
Ketchikan Parade 1996.
Campaigning for Senator Robert Bennett, Utah (1997).
Campaign Raft 1970. Unidentified supporters for Stevens’ 1970 reelection float the Tanana River.
Campaigning with the family for US Senate in 1968.
1968 parade campaign.
1968 Debate. Elmer Rasmuson, Mike Gravel, Stevens, Gruening ready for election debate for US Senate positions. (photo by Commercial Film Productions).
River Raft Campaign (1970). Campaigning during a Tanana River raft event.
Rockefeller Campaign. Campaigning for his party during a presidential election.