Ted Stevens Papers Project attends Alaska Federation of Natives Convention 2013!


The Ted Stevens Papers Project was delighted to share a booth with the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ College of Rural and Community Development (CRCD) at the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) Convention October 24 – 26, 2013 at the Carlson Center in Fairbanks, Alaska.
The photograph series within the Ted Stevens Papers Collection contains many images of Senator Stevens visiting constituents in rural Alaskan communities, from Barrow in the far north, to Haines, Sitka and Ketchikan in the southeast, and many more towns and villages during the four decades he represented Alaska in the US Congress. Armed with binders of unidentified photos, project staff were able to meet constituents from all over the state, and learned more about the places and people represented in the images.
(photo of Elsie Eckman and Drena McIntyre at AFN Convention booth 2013)