In 2011, the Alaska State Legislature dedicated the fourth Saturday in July as Ted Stevens Day as a tribute to the Senator’s many contributions to our state. The Foundation, in keeping with the Senator’s mantra to “Get Out and Play,” organizes statewide events on Ted Stevens Day to provide opportunities for Alaskans to enjoy the outdoors in honor of Senator Stevens.

Ted Stevens Day 2020

Join us in celebrating the 10th year of Ted Stevens Day by rediscovering all this state has to offer.

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This summer, Alaskans have the opportunity to rediscover all our state has to offer, and to support our local businesses. Take a chance and try a new adventure!  The sites below may give you some ideas. Please check availability prior to your departure, as there may be COVID closures that we were not aware of at the time of these listings. Visit your local Visitors’ Centers online for resident specials, or check Travel Alaska’s list of resident specials on their “Show up for Alaska” site.

This July 25th, we hope you will support local business- Get Out, Play, and Rediscover Alaska!

Regardless if you are at Eklutna, Ship Creek, finding your place on the Russian, or up the Deshka, fishing in Alaska is a sport for everyone.  There are plenty of local guides and charters if you don’t want to tackle fishing on your own.
Check out Fish and Game for local openings and bait restrictions.
And don’t forget your fishing license!





Alaska has a wide variety of amazing small ventures that would love to show you around.
Take a hike! Join the Girdwood Heath Clinic for their annual Ted Stevens Day event, “Get out and Play Hiking Day!” You can discover Alaska’s gold mining history throughout Juneau and Kennecott. Not to mention the famous Chilkoot Trail in Skagway (may be restrictions on this hike). Check out Hatcher Pass and Independence mine or even a trip up to Flattop in Anchorage. Alaska is dominated by thousands of hiking trails for all levels of hikers. Find your trail today.
You can catch Musk Ox in the wild in Nome, or at the Large Animal Research Center in Fairbanks. Meet the Musk Ox up close at the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer. The Alaska Zoo in Anchorage offers an up close view of this shaggy beast and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center offers a whole plethora of wild Alaska animals.
Swing on some silks for a new and different activity or just watch the gravity defying artists in midair- there are business in Eagle River and Fairbanks that offer you the opportunity to explore this art. If you are not sure you are up to aerial acrobatics, think about chartering a small plane or a helicopter day trip to get your feet off the ground. There are numerous businesses across the state that offer these services, learn more at Travel Alaska.

For the more adventurous out there, enjoy the thrill of a zip line! Places throughout Southeast Alaska and Denali offer zip line tours.  There are a number of trams and trolleys, and even a funicular in Ketchikan. The view from the top of the Alyeska Tram is breathtaking. Have fun trying something new!




Places like the Alaska Zoo and the Alaska Wildlife Center offer you a chance to see many of Alaska’s backwoods friend up close. There are wildlife parks all around the State. For a unique experience and for this summer only take a drive up the Park road in Denali. The bolder adventurer may want to take a bear viewing tour. The truth is, we can see wildlife just about anywhere, even our own backyard. So keep your eyes open and your cameras ready!




There are numerous rivers and lakes around Alaska for recreational purposes. Enjoy a scenic float on the Kenai, or experience the rapids out of Denali, kayak in Homer, or hop on the Riverboat in Fairbanks.   6 mile Creek out of Hope offers exhilarating white water rafting.

Jeep and ATV tours/rentals can also be found across the State if you don’t have your own. As always be safe while in Alaska’s back country and enjoy the ride. It is a great way to “Get Out and Play” in Alaska.

Other unique Alaskan escapades: Dog Sledding, Gold panning, Golfing, and Scenic drives.


Whether halibut fishing or day cruising at a sea lion colony or a gull rookery, exploring Alaska by water is an ideal way to travel. From Southeast Alaska to Kodiak and all the spots in between, you can find fishing charters and guides looking to take you on a sea quest. Check out residential deals on combo packages like the railroad to Seward and a glacier tour. Another popular option is the Danny J out of Homer around Gull Island and to Halibut Cove. With so many options you can make your own adventure. Don’t forget to check out places like the Sea Life Center in Seward or the Challenger Learning Center in Kenai and all the other museums, cultural and learning centers across the state.




Treat your family this summer and rent an RV. Take advantage of the Alaska Railroad Combo packages. Maybe you want to go on a small plane trip or a helicopter tour. Or even by Alaska Ferry, but whatever you chose- just Get Out, Play, and Rediscover Alaska!